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Summer 2021: 3D Animation Workshops / Introduction to Maya
TERM DATES: Jul 5, 2021 - Sep 19, 2021
LEVEL: Beginner 
1. Introduction to Maya
We will work out the class times between the instructor and the students.

Learn the basics of Maya: the Maya interface, working with objects, modeling basics, how to animate objects, apply textures, and use lights and cameras to render your scene.
1 - Navigation, Menus, Shelves, Importing scripts, Marking Menus, Viewport
2 - Animation : Camera, Staging, FPS, Heads Up Display, Locking Attributes
3 - Animation : Using controllers, Showing Hiding Controls, Setting Keys
4 - Animation : Opening a scene, setting up a scene, referencing a character
5 - Animation : Installing and using a picker, Playblast
6 - Modeling : Creating Primitives, adjusting the settings on primitives via channel box, attribute editor, scaling, translating rotating
7 - Modeling : Contstraints, Deformer (Bend, Lattice)
8 - Modeling : Applying shaders, node editor
9 - Modeling : Lights, Render Settings
10 - Rigging : Bind Skin, Paint Weights
11 - Final Review : One on One
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class time
Thursday 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Thursday 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
Salman Saleem
Salman is a self-taught CG generalist with 12 years of experience in the industry, performing in different roles such as Animator, Light/Shade Artist, Compositor, and Modeler, he is passionate about staying up to date with the CG industry, recently he finished his Animation ...
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