AnimationWorkshops Policies and Procedures

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Learn 3D animation skills at AnimationWorkshops. We have the policies below in place to ensure students get the best education.
GENERAL REQUIREMENTS To take a class with AnimationWorkshops
To register for a class at AnimationWorkshops, prospective students need to be at least 13 years or older the first week of class, and have basic computer skills on Windows or Mac.
Instructors give each student a PASS or RETAKE at the end of each course. This helps them know whether it is a good idea to progress to the next course. If a student doesn't pass, we don't recommend they continue to the next course yet. They should retake it before going to the next level.
After registering for a class and paying the otherwise non-refundable $50 registration fee, students have three business days to change their mind and withdraw from the class. They are then eligible for a full refund of all fees paid, including the otherwise non-refundable registration fee.
When students enroll in a term, they should be sure that they can fully commit, and complete that term. Students should be sure to have the time and resources to fully participate for the 11 weeks. If unsure about their ability to participate, students have until just before the term begins to withdraw from a class.
At any point in a term: Once enrolled in a term, students have until that term begins to opt out. During the first week of a term, students can withdraw from the class but because AnimationWorkshops has already employed their instructors for the term, students are obligated to pay 1/3 of the agreed-upon cost for the class, even if they cannot participate in the term.
After the first week of a term ends, 11:59pm Saturday Mountain Time, or after having accessed or downloaded the animation rigs or class materials for the course, students can withdraw but are obligated to pay 2/3 of the price for the term.
While a term is underway, after the first week, students wanting to switch out of a term and re-enter next term may do that, but as stated will forfeit at minimum 2/3 of the amount for that term. If it is beyond the 7th week of the term, there is no credit issued; the full amount is charged.
At any point during a term, students may withdraw from AnimationWorkshops. Regardless of the payment method, students are obligated to pay for that class’ price, according to the policies described. If they have paid for the term already, (after the first week) they may be eligible for a maximum refund of 1/3 of the tuition for the term, minus a $75 withdrawal fee. (If it is beyond the 7th week of the term, there is no credit issued). (This assumes additional class sessions were not attended after the withdrawal request). Registration or other fees will not be refunded. Withdrawal can be initiated by emailing: admin@animationworkshops.com or calling the number with a clear request for withdrawal. Any cancellation or withdrawal refund payments will be issued within 60 days.
Refunds are calculated based on the term week of the stated withdrawal request (assuming no additional classes were attended after the request or school assets accessed or downloaded), beginning Sunday midnight and ending Saturday before midnight Mountain Time, communicated via email or phone.
AnimationWorkshops may cancel a class when the number of students scheduled is too small, or the instructor withdraws for any reason. AnimationWorkshops may also retain a class but substitute another instructor if an instructor withdraws before the start of the term or during a term. Students will receive a recommendation for an alternative class.
Students desiring to change classes to a different time slot and/or instructor may sign up for a different class at any point until the day before the second class session. (If the student misses the second class session of the new class as a result of any switch, they are not entitled to a refund.) If a different instructor has been substituted during that first week, students may switch to another class with an available spot.
At times instructors may have a planned absence. They will find a qualified replacement instructor and the class will continue as scheduled. Alternatively if a substitute is unavailable the class may be rescheduled. Students may not request a refund or credit of any kind as a result of the instructor substitution, or a class being rescheduled.
If an instructor does not attend a scheduled class due to any reason, intentional or unintentional, students are entitled to a rescheduled class substitution. The instructor or substitute instructor will make every effort to accommodate the students at the most convenient replacement time and day, however AnimationWorkshops makes no guarantee that the substitution will in fact be at a particular time or day necessary for a student to participate. If a student is not able to attend the substitute class, they are not eligible for a corresponding fractional refund.
On rare occasions, instructors may withdraw from teaching a class due to personal circumstances. In such circumstances, a suitable replacement instructor will be found to substitute for the remainder of the term. Students will not be eligible for a refund as a result of any such circumstance.
After students complete a workshop, they can choose to continue taking further courses or pause or stop altogether. They can take a break and return as needed. Further participation is open-ended. Upon returning, student do not have to make a new account or pay for a new Enrollment Fee.
Each week, students should submit their assignments two hours before their class is scheduled to begin. This gives the system enough time to upload and post the materials, so they will be available for the instructor and other students to review the work during class time.
Students may use AnimationWorkshops character rigs and any assets provided for their courses or ones available in the Characters and Tools section while they are students. Students withdrawing from AnimationWorkshops (provided their payment accounts are current), may continue to use those AnimationWorkshops character rigs and assets.
Student access to the AnimationWorkshops website and class recordings is limited to the time they are enrolled in a course. Students withdrawing from AnimationWorkshops do not have continued access to the AnimationWorkshops website or class recordings.
Students taking a term break from AnimationWorkshops do not have continued access to the AnimationWorkshops website or class recordings. Students may pay for "break access", however, to retain access to class recordings during their break. Students may request "break access" by contacting admin@animationworkshops.com.
Students who complete at least four workshops from AnimationWorkshops retain access to class recordings and the AnimationWorkshops website.
Students must abide by the provisions described in the AnimationWorkshops website Terms and Conditions of Use. These are listed during the Registration process, or click here.
We strongly recommend students pass a course before continuing to the next level. Students retake courses at their own expense. There are no discounts for taking a class a second time.
Students are expected to maintain professional standards of behavior in their interactions between other students and between them and their instructors. AnimationWorkshops will not tolerate harassment, illegal discrimination, derogatory speech or actions toward another AnimationWorkshops party or any other person, using AnimationWorkshops communications. Students should avoid offensive content in the forums, messages, and in their school assignments, including crude language, sexually explicit material, or derogatory intention, or jokes that could appear derogatory toward others. Failure to comply with the standards of conduct may result in Probation, up to and including dismissal from AnimationWorkshops.
Students should read the Terms of Use statement for the website www.AnimationWorkshops.com and abide by the terms.
Students must agree to and abide by the terms of the enrollment agreement to continue in classes. Failure to comply may lead to a probation status. Students will be informed what steps they must take to avoid dismissal from AnimationWorkshops, and will be given ample opportunity to resolve any issues.
Students who fail to abide by the terms of admission, the standards of conduct, the terms of use for the website www.AnimationWorkshops.com, fail to resolve probation status, or fail to resolve any non-payment issues may be considered for dismissal from AnimationWorkshops. Students should phone or email admin@animschool.com to resolve any problem issues. Depending on the nature of the dismissal, students may or may not be allowed to reapply to AnimationWorkshops at a later time or to take Express classes in the future.
For best results, students should strive to attend all the class sessions in which they are enrolled, and submit their assignments weekly. If a student can't be there live, they can watch the class recordings and message the instructor.
Much of the opportunity for learning comes from the direct interaction with the instructor during class sessions, so they should be attended whenever possible.
Students are responsible for providing their own computer hardware and software, as well as purchasing any of the required school books, per class (not a frequent requirement).
These are Autodesk's system requirements for running Maya 2018:
  • Microsoft® Windows® 7 (SP1) and Windows® 10 Professional operating system
  • Apple® Mac OS® X 10.11.x, 10.12.x operating system
  • 64-bit Intel® or AMD® multi-core processor with SSE4.2 instruction set
  • Refer to the following pages for a detailed list of recommended systems and graphics cards: Maya Certified Hardware
  • 8 GB of RAM (16 GB or more recommended)
  • 4 GB of free disk space for install
  • Three-button mouse
AnimationWorkshops does not provide installation or technical software support for getting your computer running with the animation software.
AnimSchool supports working in Autodesk Maya software, which you can download for free from Autodesk. Instructions for getting the software are given in New Student Orientation and on the website. Autodesk Maya is the industry standard in high-end productions.
AnimSchool is designed and tested on all major browsers, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera; on both Macs and Windows. Students should use the latest version of the browser when possible.
Fast "basic broadband" internet access is absolutely required. For best results, students need download speeds of 1.5 Mbps or more and upload speeds of 1.2 Mbps or more.
To find out the speeds you are experiencing on your computer and connection, go to a website such as www.speedtest.net and hit the Begin Test button.
You need to use a microphone and webcam to talk to the instructors and students. Online classes work best with headphones as well.
A webcam is also used to take a picture of drawn assignments, and record live planning for animated scenes.
New students must pay before the term begins, in order to register for a workshop. Enrolled students must keep their payments current to maintain access to the AnimationWorkshops student website and assets. To register in a particular class for the following term, existing students must pay the cost for that term.
Existing students must pay for the upcoming term by the posted "Last Day to Register For Classes" on the Calendar, approximately one week before a term begins. Students who fail to pay by that date will be subject to a $35 late fee and have their access restricted to the student AnimationWorkshops website. Students should then call or email the Administrator to bring their account current and resume active status. Existing students who fail to pay for the current term must contact the Administrator and arrange payment to avoid being placed on Probation.
Students on the monthly payment option must maintain a valid credit or debit card on the account. Monthly payments will be withdrawn automatically on the first of the month or the first business day. If a card is denied during the attempt at processing, the student will be notified by email and they will have seven days to provide a replacement card, or be assessed a $35 late fee. Following the seven days, monthly payment students must contact the Student Administrator and arrange payment to avoid being placed on Probation.
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