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The broader world of 3D animation

Welcome to AnimationWorkshops
Online 3D Animation classes for teens!
Are you a creative person?
At AnimationWorkshops, you can learn 3D animation skills directly from pros. AnimationWorkshops is where you can gain the skills used in 3D productions from gaming to commercials to film. We teach students aged 13-18 (or older) who want to make characters (modeling), or make them move and act (animation). Our instructors work at animation studios or talented recent graduates from our sister school, AnimSchool, and teach part-time with us, after hours.
AnimSchool, and teach part-time with us, after hours.
AnimationWorkshops is licensed to use AnimSchool's character rigs, which are known around the world for flexibility and appeal. Over 100,000 people have downloaded their Malcolm 2.0 character and AnimSchool Picker.
Why choose AnimationWorkshops
AnimationWorkshops is all online--on your computer, over high-speed internet.
AnimationWorkshops has lots of classes to choose from. Many of the classes have prerequisites and build on previous class skills.
In the 3D Animation classes you learn how to make characters move and act. In the 3D Character Program you learn how to make characters, modeling their shape.
Using the latest in web conferencing technology, students can learn the crafts of 3D computer animation right from home, in all live classes.
Do you have a passion for movies, animation, or video games? Do you want to learn what it's like to MAKE those characters and animation!
Whether you're experimenting, looking for fun or searching for future career possibilities, you can take classes from Animation Workshops, starting every three months.
AnimationWorkshops's mission is to be teens' premiere source for online classes.
Registering for AnimationWorkshops takes several steps. Here is what you should have ready to begin!
Step 1 - Choose Your AnimationWorkshops Course
Do you want to make characters or move characters first?
Take a look at the program descriptions here: 3D Animation Classes or 3D Character Classes.
Unless you have prior experience, you start learning the software in Introduction to Maya, and after that start with Introduction to 3D Animation or Introduction to Modeling. Take the workshops that interest you (only one per term), but for each subject you take them in order, so you can build on the skills needed for the next class.
Step 2 - Register for a Course
Take a look at the Workshops Calendar with the dates listed. Register for AnimationWorkshops. You are able to take one course, or continue and take more in future terms.
Step 3 - Select Your Class Session
So far you've selected your course, but there may be several teachers teaching the same course at different times. Choose the time and instructor that works best for you!
Once you register and your Enrollment Fee is processed, you can then enroll in your first class for the upcoming Term.
Step 4 - Tools For Class
Get your computer hardware and software set for the workshop.
You'll need a webcam with a microphone (or separate microphone). Many laptops already have them built-in. On the Orientation page, there are instructions for getting the 3D software. Most the classes use Autodesk Maya. Autodesk allows students to use an educational copy for free! Follow the instructions to install the software; make sure Maya runs on your computer. Maya is free, but for the classes using ZBrush, you have to purchase that for about ~$475.
Step 5 - Prepare For the Workshops
Don't show up to class unprepared!
The Orientation meeting or recording gives you information on how to get started. Once the term begins, you’ll be able to download the characters and/or tools needed for your assignments. The Calendar shows important dates for future classes, events, and your own class and critique times. Download the Class Syllabus on the Class Materials page and the Instructional Videos tab.
Step 6 - Take A Look Around
AnimationWorkshops isn't a set of pre-recorded videos - you're part of live classes where you can fully interact with the professional instructor and your classmates.
On our website, you can upload your work every week and see all the work being done by the other students, leave comments on their work, visit with the other students, or chat with them in class and on our student Facebook group. You're part of the community.
We offer many free supplemental videos for learning 3D and art as well.
Step 7 - Complete Your Assignments!
AnimationWorkshops requires a time commitment.
Expect to spend about 10 hours per week working on the week's assignments. Here's the secret to getting good: let the pros at AnimationWorkshops teach your then critique your work. Train your eye to see the problems and deficiencies they see. Take advantage of that access and practice, practice! Upload your work every week so your instructor can help you each step of the way.
Step 8 - Ask Your Instructor!
Our instructors are talented pros working at animation studios or star recent graduates from our sister school, AnimSchool!
Whenever you hit a roadblock during the week, write down questions and when class-time comes ASK them! They're there to help you. The class is designed for you to interact with them one-on-one and get any help you need. You have specific time during each critique class for them to focus exclusively on your work. Then you can work on improving over the next week.
Step 9 - Choose Your Next Class
You're gaining momentum. Keep going!
Toward the end of the term, if you want to continue next term, register once the schedule is posted because the most popular classes get filled first. Note on the calendar when the classes for the next term are made available, and sign up early for your next class.
3D animation is not easy to do. Keep working hard to reach your goals! You have a network of friends and teachers and have gained serious skills if you want to pursue 3D animation further.
Stay up-to-date on the latest news, special events and new offerings from AnimationWorkshops!