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Fall 2021: 3D Character Workshops / Advanced Character Modeling, Part 1
TERM DATES: Oct 3, 2021 - Dec 18, 2021
LEVEL: Advanced 
COURSE PREREQUISITES: Introduction to Maya, Introduction to 3D Modeling, Introduction to Zbrush, Environment Modeling
5. Advanced Character Modeling, Part 1
We will work out the class times between the instructor and the students.

Part 1 will be focusing on blocking in the character and getting proportions and all of the body parts set up.
Advanced character modeling will focus on finding a good design to work from, creating a full blocked in character and taking it through to completion. In this course we wont focus on topology, the emphasis will be on design and appeal.

Key Concepts: Base Mesh, Zbrush Brushes, Design study, Proportions, Polypaint, Reference, Iterations
- Overview of software used in character modeling
- Blocking in a character
- Modeling a character from design
- Modeling clothes
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