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Fall 2021: 3D Animation Workshops / Introduction to 3D Animation
TERM DATES: Oct 3, 2021 - Dec 18, 2021
LEVEL: Beginner 
COURSE PREREQUISITES: Introduction to Maya
2. Introduction to 3D Animation
We will work out the class times between the instructor and the students.

Introduction to the principles of animation, applied to simple objects and scenarios
Students animate with balls of different weights, a pendulum, and an alien tow truck ship to learn about: timing, arcs, spacing, ease in and out, weight, gravity, drag, secondary action, overlap, follow through, squash and stretch, and exaggeration. Student learn software concepts such as: projects, workspace, AutoKey keyframing, hotkeys, graph editor editing, tangents, curve cycling, and playblasting.
1 - Timing and spacing while thumbnailing your first animation assignment.
2 - Bouncing ball assignment.
3 & 4 - Varying Ball Weights.
5, 6, & 7 - Ball with character assignment.
8 & 9 - Learn follow through in a new animation using a pendulum in motion.
10 - Learn paths and move a ship through space.
11 - Finalizing and submitting assignments.
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class time
Saturday 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
Saturday 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Salman Saleem
Salman is a self-taught CG generalist with 12 years of experience in the industry, performing in different roles such as Animator, Light/Shade Artist, Compositor, and Modeler, he is passionate about staying up to date with the CG industry, recently he finished his Animation ...
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