3D Animation Workshops

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Animation Workshops: Live web classes for teens age 13-18!
At Animation Workshops, we love animating and we share our knowledge with you. You can explore 3D animation for fun or to see if it might be a good career option for you.
What is it?
Animation Workshops is for teenagers age 13-18 who want to try out 3D animation. Students learn about posing, appeal, principles of motion, action, and the classical principles of animation in practical exercises guided by a pro.
Each week, animators from film and game studios work with the students one-on-one, giving the students the best opportunity for growth. Animation is about bringing characters to life. It's a lot of work to animate, but it's worth that magic result: a character that seems to come to life on the screen. These aren't just recorded lessons: our students learn animation live, directly from talented instructors working at animation studios, or star new graduates from our sister school, AnimSchool.
How it works
Our 3D Animation Workshops last 11 weeks. You meet live online with the instructors two times per week (for most classes), one session for instruction and one for reviewing each students work in turn. If you can't be there live for a class, you can watch the recordings of the classes.
We have beginning and intermediate level workshops. You can take as many or few workshops as you like, but if you pass 4 or more, you retain access to the class recordings.
Each week after class you work on the animation assignments, usually up to 10 hours per week then upload your work each week for review. You can ask your instructors questions during your live sessions.
To qualify, students need to be age 13-18, be able to communicate well in English and have a computer with a fast internet connection. You can take workshops from wherever you are, in most places in the world.
You begin with the first class or show a reel when you first register, demonstrating the prerequisite skills needed to bypass workshops.
Animation Workshops is not a school. We offer online training in live workshops, but do not offer school credit or job placement.
Discover the 3D Animation Track Courses
Take these courses in order, so you can build on the skills needed for the next class.
0. Introduction to Maya
Duration: 11 Weeks
Learn the basics of Maya: the Maya interface, working with objects, modeling basics, how to animate objects, apply textures, and use lights and cameras to render your scene. This class is designed to prepare you for either the animation or modeling tracks, through fun and simple projects.
1. Introduction to 3D Animation
Duration: 11 Weeks
Introduction to the principles of animation, applied to simple objects and scenarios. Students will get to animate bouncing balls, balls of various weights and balls with character. They will learn follow through with a pendulum animation and animating along a path with an alien tow truck. The students will learn about timing, arcs, spacing, ease in and out, weight, gravity, overlap, squash and stretch, and exaggeration. Students learn software concepts such as projects, workspace, AutoKey keyframing, hotkeys, graph editor editing, tangents, curve cycling, and playblasting.
2. Basic 3D Animation
Duration: 11 Weeks
This course takes the student through the animations that build upon the projects of the last class. They will use the alien tow truck to combine path animation and the follow through learned in the pendulum assignment. They will learn a simple walk cycle and animating a character do a 90 or 180 degree turn. The instructors will expand on the key concepts of the previous class while adding drag and secondary to their knowledge base.
3. Animating Characters
Duration: 11 Weeks
The principles of animation applied to character motion and locomotion. Students use our segmented characters in separate exercises to learn the concepts required for motion and locomotion, including balance, weight, center of gravity, posing, shape reversals, anticipation, motivated action, secondary action, reaction, silhouette, caricatured motion, twinning, asymmetry, and staging. Technical concepts such as gimbal lock, rotation order, euler filter, constraints, breakdowns, avoiding counter-animation, and Tween Machine are covered. Blocking techniques are discussed.
4. Character Movement
Duration: 11 Weeks
This course delves deep into timing and spacing. Students can use their imagination to create an exciting scenario where their characters must run and deal with a heavy object. They can use the scenes provided or create their own to give a sense of story with their animation.
5. Body Mechanics
Duration: 11 Weeks
Students learn how to make characters move with more weight, solidity, and believability in action scenarios. The class aims to provide students with a strong foundation and understanding of body mechanics, so they are able to tackle physical shots in real production environments. Students will continue to improve their workflows while animating some dynamic action shots.
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