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AnimationWorkshops is the premiere online site for teens to learn 3D animation and modeling.
AnimationWorkshops History, Instructors and Students
AnimationWorkshops is the premiere online site for learning 3D animation and modeling.
AnimationWorkshops has many instructors currently working at animation studios like Sony Pictures Animation, Illumination Entertainment, Framestore, and Bardel. They share our passion with aspiring artists after their full-time production jobs.
AnimationWorkshops students have many opportunities for interaction, help, and problem solving live, one-on-one with our instructors.
AnimationWorkshops students interact frequently in classes, animationworkshops.com message system, a student web hangout, and an active student Facebook page. Our students are excited about learning these 3D skills, whether for fun or a future career.
AnimationWorkshops was founded in 2018 and licenses AnimSchool's powerful website and well known character rigs and talented graduates.
We love Characters!
AnimationWorkshops is licensed to use AnimSchool's character rigs, which are known around the world for flexibility and appeal. Over 100,000 people have downloaded their Malcolm 2.0 character and AnimSchool Picker.
AnimationWorkshops is not a school
AnimationWorkshops offers online workshops for teens. We are not a school so we don't provide school credit, are not accredited, don't offer scholarships or offer student services or job placement services.
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